Grand Vulpter System Pilots
University Grand Vulpter System University
Conference Super 16
Division Crendan
Location Nur, Vulpter System
Stadium Dud Bolt Memorial Stadium
Mascot Pete the Pilot
Nickname Pilots
Athletic Director Wit Slego
Head Coach Julia Ehennifer
Fightsong GVSU Victory!
Colors Blue and Black




The Border War (Grand Vulpter System v. Republican)

The Game (Grand Vulpter System v. Ord Sabaok)

Current RosterEdit

(†=Team Captain)

Goalkeeper:Abe Cynour (Corellian, Male) JR
Right Corner Back:Baga Oda(Duro, Male) SR
Full Back:Net Benneb (Niemoidian, Male) FR
Left Corner Back:Trisa Hekla (Hapes, Female) SO
Right Half Back:Leah Nergbolt(Human, Female) FR
Center Half Back:Lexi Anna(Theelin, Female) SR
Left Half Back:Marco DiJohn(Hapan, Male) FR
Midfielder:Bry Dougant (Human, Male) SO
Midfielder:Kelsei Seter(Zeltron, Female) SR
Right Half Forward:Ema Zostin(Chiss, Female) SO
Center Half Forward:Vic McTodd† (Amaran, Male) JR
Left Half Forward:Vicki Devine(Theelin, Female)FR
Right Corner Forward:Dauza Chary (Niemoidian, Male) JR
Full Forward:Marmu Ishana(Bimm, Female) JR
Left Corner Forward: Chew Fej (Rodian, Male) SO

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