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3 AGA 18
2 MAN 20
2 MAN 22
1 CAR 11
Mandalorian mercs logo 124th Galactic Cup Final Monarchs
31 Cup 24
12 MAN   2 RP
2 RP 17
1 RAL 14
3 BAK 35
2 RP 36
4 TAT 13
1 CON 12
7th Futures Cup Final
1 FCup 10
4 TAT   4 GAR
4 GAR 17
1 GAL 16


280 Elite League Draft

No. Player Species Gender Pos School Team
First Round
1 Zuzu Nuun Human Female CF Ralltiir U. Coruscant Senators
2 Mick Steele Human Male OF Vertical City U. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
3 Mera Loralsgaard Arhan Female OF Aquilaris U. Ylesia Lightning
4 Syedna Moole Mon Cal Male CB U. of Gacerian Bakura Miners
5 Hamm Leak Zabrak Male HB National U. Ralltiir Starkillers
6 Bel Kruhn Muun Male FB Taanab A&M Carratos Pirates
7 Cotts'lan'tnanam Chiss Male MF Catlia Tech Rydonni Prime Monarchs
8 Ed Munster Shistavanen Male HB Taanab A&M Coruscant Senators (R1 - 1)
Second Round
9 Maddy Swann Hapan Female MF Royal C. of Hapes Coruscant Senators
10 Sa'Akhuun Zabrak Male OF Vertical City U. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
11 Callopie Farlan Zeltron Female CF CorTech Ylesia Lightning
12 Alec Kazoo Fondorian Male CB U. of Evenvale Bakura Miners
13 Corunno Non Nautolan Male CB Chofin Tech Ralltiir Starkillers
14 Kala Rakshiss Kerestian Female CB Carratos U. Carratos Pirates
15 Carrie Remington Human Female HF U. of Onderon Rydonni Prime Monarchs
16 Ama'ri Koop'er Human Male CF Keldabe MI Mando'ade Mercs
Third Round
17 Chestnut Reeser Selonian Female HB Ralltiir U. Coruscant Senators
18 Henry Jones, Jr. Human Male CF Ord Sabaok U. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
19 Wa Bombl Aqualish Male GK U. of Denon Ylesia Lightning
20 Cordell Beckman,Jr. Human Male OF Druckenwell Tech Bakura Miners
21 Chira Moun Togruta Female MF U. of Shili Ralltiir Starkillers
22 Tian Huo Pantoran Female CF U. of O'pahz Carratos Pirates
23 Tanyo Oragam Biituian Female HB UZ, Paradise Rydonni Prime Monarchs
24 Gasnar Barabel Male CB U. of Dantooine Mando'ade Mercs


In the explanations below, (D) denotes trades that took place during the 280 Draft, while (PD) indicates trades completed pre-draft.

Round one

  1. No. 8: Mando'ade → Coruscant (D). Mando'ade traded this selection to Coruscant for goalkeeper Sarah Connor & midfielder Ye'ves'toung.

Commissioner's Notes

Elite League Limmie

"It is my pleasure to welcome all of you here tonight to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of the past season. The institution of a draft that has brought the finest young talent in the galaxy to the League, the addition of two teams, and the division of the League into conferences were some of the big developments that we saw this year. I have no doubt that they are only the beginning of great things for the League.
"This is also a very special ceremony for me, for it marks the tenth season that I have been privileged to be Commissioner of the League. These last ten years have been absolutely awesome for me. Words can barely convey the experience. However, I would like to thank the owners, players, and most importantly the fans for allowing me this great honor. I hope that in the years to come the League will continue to promote the highest levels of competition and athletic excellence in the greatest sport in the galaxy."
Commissioner Niakara Kayl'hen's opening addressing at the Elite League Limmie 271 Season Awards[src]

What we do here...

Kerry 00 LI

Elite League Limmie is a sports-based RPG set in the Star Wars galaxy in a relatively peaceful era, well past the events of the original trilogy. The year is 262 ABY. A third Republic, born from the ashes of a bitter civil war that tore the resurgent Galactic Alliance apart, ranges over half the galaxy from Zonju V to Ithor, bringing peace and stability to its member worlds. From Rothana to Naboo, the infant Roon Trade Organization fosters economic growth among planets of the Outer Rim, determined to make their own way apart from the Core. Independent systems range from the Hapes Cluster to the edge of the galaxy, always with one eye watching their neighbors. Though the galaxy is not unified, it is at peace.

Except on the Limmie field.


In the Core its name is Limmie. In the Rim it is known as bolo-ball. To the Mandalorians it is meshgeroya, "the beautiful game". No matter what they call it sentient beings throughout the galaxy go nuts for the sport. Some of the galaxy's most heated arguments concern matters like who the best player in the galaxy is or whether Tan Strensky and the Chandrila Patriots were greater than Rhia Grames and her Nar Shaddaa Smugglers. Fans have been known to riot when their team loses, and sometimes when they win.

The vast majority of teams play in the large Premier League, but a few will receive the privilege of being selected to play in Elite League Limmie. The Elite League is the pinnacle of the sport, the highest level of competition in existence. It is the Elite League that hands out the most coveted trophy in the galaxy: the Galactic Cup of Limmie, the three foot tall silver chalice etched for all eternity with the names of past champions.

Every season features passion, artistry, and drama as each game unfolds. There is glory to the winners and heartbreak for the losers. Politics both on and off the field permeate the sport. Dynasties will rise and fall. Today's unassuming rookie could become the face of the sport tomorrow. And never forget that beneath the surface the credits flow through it all. Every emotion in the galaxy can be found on the Limmie pitch, which leaves only one question:

Are you ready for some Limmie?



Elite League Limmie

278 Week 9

Skywalker Conference
Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
Euceron Storm

Carratos Pirates
Mando'ade Mercs

Ylesia Lightning
Agamar Packers

Solo Conference
Coruscant Senators
Bakura Miners

Hapes C. Buccaneers
Ralltiir Starkillers

Rydonni Prime Monarchs
Kuat Triforce


Premier League Limmie

277 Week 9

Northern Galactic Conference
Sabilon Skookumchucks
Kessel Runners
Alsaken Flyers
Balmorra Blasters
Empress Teta Pikemen
Mon Calamari Mariners

Southern Galactic Conference
Fondor Freedom
Kamino Waves
Naboo Ducks
Bison Sabres
Stewjon Metropolitans
Kuat Triforce


Limmie Futures League

278 Week 3

Corellia Rebels
Concordia Crusaders
Commenor Gundarks
Gallinore Firedrakes
Garqi Gunners
Byblos Red Wings
Druckenwell Marksmen
Tatooine Sandskimmers
Eriadu Thunder
Thyferra Force


Super 16 Conference of Collegiate Limmie

274 S16 Conference Playoffs

Citadel University of Anaxes Defenders 10 Final
UBTV Pioneers 12
UCBV Renegades 6 Final
Citadel University of Anaxes Defenders 12

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