Truce Day game
NewBakuraLogo Ellsheild
Bakura Miners Various
Series statistics
Total meetings 19
Series record Bakura, 10-6
First meeting 264 ABY
Bakura 17, Coruscant 3
Last meeting 287 ABY
Bakura 22, Rydonni Prime 5
Largest win Bakura, 38-3 (269 ABY)
Longest win streak 4, Bakura (276 – 279)
Current win streak 2, Bakura (286 – present)
Current unbeaten streak

The Truce Day game is an event held on Bakura and hosted by the Bakura Miners. Due to Bakura's calendar and planetary rotation, their most important planetary holiday, Truce Day, coincides with the last game of the Elite League Limmie regular season. It has been tradition on Bakura to make the Miners game an integral part of Truce Day celebrations, thanks in large part to the Noble House of Trieste.

The pageantry surrounding the game evokes Bakuran patriotism beyond a regular game. Blue and gold (the colors of the federal government of Bakura as well as those of the Miners) bunting is hung inside of Bakura Gardens and pregame ceremonies usually honor members of the Bakuran Defense Fleet or Bakuran Marines. A fireworks show follows the game.

Due to the fact that the Truce Day game is determined by a calendar date, the Miners' opponent in the Truce Day game changes from year to year. It is not held if the Miners play their last game of the season on the road.


Team Name Appearances Miners' Record
Chandrila Patriots 1 0-1
Coruscant Senators 4 3-1
Denon Demons 1 1-0
Euceron Storm 2 0-2
Hapes Consortium Buccaneers 2 2-0
Mando'ade Mercs 4 2-2
Nar Shaddaa Smugglers 1 1-0
Nadiem Chiefs 1 1-0
Rydonni Prime Monarchs 1 1-0

Intersection with Other RivalriesEdit

Since the Miners' opponent changes from year to year, Truce Day sometimes coincides with other traditional rivalry games. Due to conference games being held in the last weeks of the season, from 271 to 278 only Solo Conference opponents could play in a Truce Day game. As a result of the Miners' natural rivalries with conference opponents, all but one Truce Day game during that period was a rivalry game (the exception being their game against the Hapes Consortium Buccaneers in 277 and this game later became a formal rivalry in 280). To date, the following rivalries have been played on Truce Day:

The Miners are 6-3 in rivalry games on Truce Day.


  • 264: Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (3-17)
  • 265: Euceron Storm at Bakura Miners (21-10)
  • 267: Euceron Storm at Bakura Miners (36-12)
  • 269: Nadiem Chiefs at Bakura Miners (3-38)
  • 270: Mando'ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (20-35)
  • 272: Nar Shaddaa Smugglers at Bakura Miners (21-23)
  • 273: Mando'ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (30-12)
  • 276: Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (20-20, OT 21-25)
  • 277: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Bakura Miners (7-32)
  • 278: Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (10-25)
  • 279: Mando'ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (14-29)
  • 280: Coruscant Senators at Bakura Miners (40-19)
  • 282: Chandrila Patriots at Bakura Miners (28-3)
  • 284: Denon Demons at Bakura Miners (8-29)
  • 285: Mando'ade Mercs at Bakura Miners (28-10)
  • 286: Hapes Consortium Buccaneers at Bakura Miners (17-33)
  • 287: Rydonni Prime Monarchs at Bakura Miners (5-22)

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