281 Elite League Draft

Positions key
OF Offensive Forward FF Full Forward CF Corner Forward HF Half Forward
DB Defensive Back FB Full Back CB Corner Back HB Half Back
MF Midfielder GK Goalkeeper        
No. Player Species Gender Pos School Team
First Round
1 Miles Abreggado Zabrak Male HB Enarch Tech Hapes C. Buccaneers
2 Tiv Harkara Half-Bothan Female HF Vi'tal Commonwealth U. Carratos Pirates
3 Leonaard Fostiir Human Male FB U. of Ralltiir Ralltiir Starkillers
4 Scot Smalls Zeltron Male CB U. of Zeltros Mando'ade Mercs
5 Saiada Clarette Human Female F/CF Tiarest U. Bakura Miners
6 Grace Organa Human Female MF Tavolva U. Coruscant Senators
7 Peter Mitchell Human Male HF Bakura Fleet U. Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
8 Kenzyvet Wrehase Hapan Male FF U. of Denon Ralltiir Starkillers (R1 - 1)
Second Round
9 Sydalg Daylight Rodian Female M U. of Tatooine, Anchorhead Hapes C. Buccaneers
10 Carratos Pirates
11 Ralltiir Starkillers
12 Mando'ade Mercs
13 Bakura Miners
14 Hapes C. Buccaneers (R2 - 1)
15 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
16 Rydonni Prime Monarchs
Third Round
17 Hapes C. Buccaneers
18 Carratos Pirates
19 Ralltiir Starkillers
20 Mando'ade Mercs
21 Bakura Miners
22 Hapes C. Buccaneers (R3 - 1)
23 Nar Shaddaa Smugglers
24 Ralltiir Starkillers (R3 - 2)


In the explanations below, (D) denotes trades that took place during the 279 Draft, while (PD) indicates trades completed pre-draft.

Round one

  1. No. 8: Rydonni Prime → Ralltiir (D). Rydonni Prime traded this selection and its third round selection (#24) to Ralltiir for defensive back Lena Roselli and half forward Kal'cre'ltenk.

Round two

  1. No. 14: Coruscant → Hapes (D). Coruscant traded this selection and its third round selection (#22) to Hapes for its 282 ELL Draft second and third round selections.

Round three

  1. No. 22: Coruscant → Hapes (D). see No. 14: Coruscant → Hapes (D).
  2. No. 24: Rydonni Prime → Ralltiir (D). see No. 8: Rydonni Prime → Ralltiir (D).

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